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Who we are

We are the Ticino association that brings together professionals in mountain sports. All our members are people who have made a profession out of their passion. After having followed the different trainings and obtained the respective federal patents, they continue to promote mountain activities and in particular in the Ticino area, but not only.
Each member of the association is in compliance with the authorizations necessary to practice their work on the territory as defined by the Swiss federal law of risky sports. By using the different professionals, you can be sure that our skills are certified and made available to anyone who wants to get to know the mountain in all its facets.
The association today includes:
14 Alpine Guides
1 Climbing Instructor
3 Mountain Leaders
4 Aspiring Alpine Guides

The objectives of the association are mainly:

- The promotion of the professions of Alpine Guide, Mountain Leaders and Climbing Instructor

- Liaison with the competent authorities

Continuing education for professionals

- Training for beginners to more experienced people

Promotion of links between entities that live in the mountains

The specialties of the individual profile


There Alpine Guide it is versatile: it is authorized to take you to the high mountains, in all countries of the world, for activities such as ski touring, mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, canyoning, via ferrata. The guide can take more or less numerous groups depending on the terrain.


The Climbing Instructor is authorized to take you or train you in rock climbing, indoors or outdoors, in terrain other than high mountain


The Mountain Leader specializes in mid-mountain terrain (glacier edge). It takes you on hiking and alpine trails, trekking, with or without snowshoes. It will put you in a position to learn more about the alpine environment, the fauna and flora and the rural history of the valleys

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