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Various activities offered by the guides can be viewed below. Whether for some classic destinations or to define a program that best suits you, depending on what you are looking for.

Offer packages in collaboration with huts to reach the most captivating destinations in Ticino.

Snow safety training and avalanche prevention using Swiss Mountain Training methods

Activities and Rates

Avalanche prevention
SMT 1 or 2

Multi-level safety and avalanche prevention program

Via Ferrata

San Salvatore or the 3 Signori experience the thrill of via Ferrata.

Classic long climbing routes

A day on one of the classic long climbing routes guided in safety by a Climbing Guide or Instructor



Week in the Prättigauer

7 days Hotel and excursions in snowshoes.

Snowshoes winter

Day excursion in snowshoes for groups of up to 8 people along non-traditional routes.

Cassina - Baggio

Alpinism, a classic crest of Ticino

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